September 28-30, 2020
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Monday, September 28

10:30am EDT

The Wicked Wizard of Oz – Examining Popular Networking Project Ecosystems from Various Perspectives - Phil Robb, Ericsson Software Technology
Over the past 10 years we’ve seen an explosion of corporate collaboration within the Networking and Telco industries through open source projects. The organizations working on these projects explain in no-uncertain-terms the critical importance of their success for the future of the industry.

Yet, most of those involved in these projects wish for substantially faster progress. Everyone is working so hard and they are clearly dedicated to the success of their efforts. So why is it taking so long? Why isn’t progress faster? Why haven’t more developers and companies joined in the effort to speed things along?

In this talk, we will look at project priorities and the resulting cultural behaviors. We will look at the positive effects of the choices made along with other consequences that have been more unexpected. We will conclude by examining ways that we may wish to change the culture of these projects and/or reset expectations so that success is more readily apparent as it occurs.

avatar for Phil Robb

Phil Robb

G.M. U.S.A, Ericsson Software Technology
Phil is the General Manager of Ericsson Software Technology U.S.A. (EST) and also leads the EST development efforts in cloud, containers, and other NFVI technologies. Prior to Ericsson, Phil was the V.P. of Operations for the Networking Projects at the Linux Foundation including ONAP... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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11:15am EDT

Lightning Talk: Self Checkout Theft Detection Showcase Using EdgeX Framework - Henry Lau, HP Inc
NRF 2020 is one of the largest retail conference and expo and was held in January in New York City. In a section of the HP booth, we demonstrated solving complex retail problems with an EdgeX powered HP Retail IoT Gateway. By making use of self-checkout theft detection use case, it showcased the ability to bring together multiple sensor data streams using EdgeX industry-leading open framework that is cloud-agnostic and sensor-agnostic.

avatar for Henry Lau

Henry Lau

Distinguished Technologist, HP Inc
Henry is with Retail Solutions GBU at HP developing point of sale systems, software, and solutions. Henry is on LF Edge Governing Board and is co-chair of EdgeX Foundry Vertical Solutions working group.

Monday September 28, 2020 11:15am - 11:25am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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11:25am EDT

Lightning Talk: Goodbye Aloha...Hello Future Cities - Jonathan Gael, M2M Bell
The main problem in LTE networks for massive IoT traffic, is not in the transmission however, it is in the network access and priority traffic abilities in the 5G random access channel (RACH). Future cities can expect over 100K nodes within the range of a master 5G cell, where if a measly 1% request to transmit at the exact same time we will have the same type of network problems that the broader Internet is widely known for, including security and performance as functions of packet efficiency. Therefore, we present DQ switching as a method to eliminate the latency and jitter that is caused by the type of networks that send payload data packets over and over, following packet collisions in the air with random backoffs. The 1960's Aloha method in use today is fine when things are slow, but its best-case theoretical performance is ~50%. Conversely, DQ automatically shift from random access to a Dual Queue reservation system which runs in the background of payload data, resolving packet collisions, and serving a theoretically infinite node count with ~100% efficiency.  Finally, DQ is universal, designed for simultaneous synchronous and asynchronous packet flows on a single channel (and saving half the power per bit transferred versus any IEEE 802.x.x).

avatar for Jonathan Gael

Jonathan Gael

Founder, M2M Bell
Gael is the visionary who took DQ switching from fundamental research to an open development framework so that any scientific organization would have the ability to move forward with applied research. Not only did the subsequent relationships result in the fully drawn DQ specification... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 11:25am - 11:35am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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11:35am EDT

Lightning Talk: Designing An Edge Computing Infrastructure for Industry 4.0 Deployment - Anurag Ranjan, Intel
In a 5G enabled smart factory, machines, and sensors connect to an on-prem edge cloud which can be a cloud native platform that allows downloading innovative apps for key use-cases such as machine learning, digital twinning, quality control, and digital surveillance. In this talk, Anurag presents the network architecture of a smart factory with randomly placed machines that have 5G based radio access to send packets from their sensors to the edge platform and then describes the process flow to deploy cloud native edge applications to implement Industry 4.0 use-cases using open source and other freely available software tools, programmable stacks and platform ingredients. He shows how to partition the applications into microservices as consumers and producers, link them through publisher and subscriber primitives and chain to other functions or application controllers whether PLC or Operations Management and finally how a programmable Infrastructure shares value creation and reduces TCO.

avatar for Anurag Ranjan

Anurag Ranjan

Network Applications Engineer, Intel
Anurag is an EE from NIT (India) and EMBA (Cambridge). He works at Intel in Edge Computing domain, and has over 20 years of experience in Mobile Wireless Computing. Prior to working in the communications infrastructure Anurag worked in Energy R&D on applying machine learning techniques... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 11:35am - 11:45am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater

2:00pm EDT

The Making of 5G with AI and Open Source - Mazin Gilbert, AT&T
Over the next decade, we will be transformed by new revolutionary experiences that will radically change the way we work, live and play. The marriage of 5G with edge cloud will enable holograms for gatherings and meetings, mobile and untethered xR experiences for gaming and remote surgery, and immersive experiences for digital shopping. These experiences can only be brought to life through an intelligent 5G network that employs AI and open interfaces to enable zero-touch network automation, and elasticity to optimize traffic flow and spectrum. In this talk, Mazin will present the making of 5G with AI and Open Source as foundational elements to enable these next generation experiences and network automation. The role of ORAN-SC, ONAP, Akraino and Acumos-AI will be discussed.

avatar for Mazin Gilbert

Mazin Gilbert

Vice President - Technology & Innovation, AT&T
Dr. Mazin Gilbert is the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at AT&T. He leads AT&T’s Research, Innovation centers and Advanced Development of its network and access transformations. In this role, Mazin oversees advancements in artificial intelligence, network automation... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater

2:45pm EDT

Panel Discussion: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Open Source and Telco - Thomas Nadeau, Red Hat; Mohammad Zebetian & Luca Martini, Charter Communications, & Catherine Lefevre, AT&T
This panel brings together prominent tier 1 operators from Charter Communications, Bell Canada and AT&T to discuss their experiences participating in, building, developing and deploying open source networking solutions. The panel will answer questions such as "have we gone too far in operators developing their own distros/products?" and "Are we heading back towards a vendor-led situation?" Please join Tom Nadeau of Red Hat who will host and moderate the discussion with Mohammad Zebetian and Luca Martini from Charter Communications and Catherine Lefevre from AT&T as they discuss and explore these and other questions.

avatar for Mohammad Zebetian

Mohammad Zebetian

Sr. Director, Datacenter and NFV Architecture, Charter
Mohammad Zebetian is Datacenter and NFV Architecture in the office of CTO. He has been leading an organization that is focusing on Next gen Networking, Automation, SDN, NFV, Edge Cloud, IaaS, and KaaS efforts.
avatar for Thomas D. Nadeau

Thomas D. Nadeau

Technical Director, NFV, Red Hat
Tom is Technical Director for NFV at Red Hat where he leads a team of engineers focusing on the many areas of Open Source Networking including SDN, NFV, data plane acceleration, and container networking efforts. In addition, Tom leads the NFV Partner Engineering team which is focused... Read More →
avatar for Catherine Lefevre

Catherine Lefevre

AVP Network Cloud and SDN Platform Integration, AT&T
Catherine Lefèvre is an Associate Vice President in AT&T’s Network Cloud and SDN Platform Integration organization (AT&T Labs) and have worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. She joined AT&T in 2013 and is responsible for the software delivery and scaling... Read More →
avatar for Luca Martini

Luca Martini

VP/Fellow, Charter Communications
Luca joined Charter Communications in late 2017 with a mission of automating network operations and deployments. He created a router configuration closed loop network automation control system that is also used for general configuration and auditing procedures.Previously Luca worked... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 2:45pm - 3:15pm EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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3:30pm EDT

Monitoring eBay's Complex Network Infrastructure - Amber Vaidya, eBay
eBay's network and central operations teams need the ability to observe its massive network infrastructure to meet eBay's availability goals.

While tools are available to detect hard device failures, the majority of issues in this infrastructure arise from "gray failures". These result in either application latency or failures that are detrimental to smooth operations.
Given the complexity of our network, these "gray failures" are a non-trivial problem to detect.

NetVision is an agent-based, end-to-end observability platform for context-based data plane monitoring of eBay's network. It is designed to identify partial packet losses along with hard device failures in the network and is particularly useful in identifying the location of the issue in the complex network topology.
Using a combination of end-to-end UDP probing, master/agent architecture and intelligent algorithms, NetVision has been effective in identifying network issues quickly thereby reducing the time to detect issues.

avatar for Amber Vaidya

Amber Vaidya

Director of Engineering, eBay
I am a Lead Product Manager in the Platform Engineering organization at eBay. We build platforms and services that are used by various other teams at eBay to build experiences for our customers.In my current role, I manage the products within the Observability domain. These include... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 3:30pm - 4:00pm EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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Tuesday, September 29

10:30am EDT

5G Slicing is a Piece of Cake! - Alla Goldner, Amdocs
5G enables service providers to tailor or slice their network to address specific use-case and customer requirements. This now raises more complexity in managing the lifecycle of slices/services across network domains. Service providers will require new solutions to address this challenge with business-driven, automated and adaptive network slice lifecycle management capabilities that drive efficiencies and enables rapid monetization.
During this session I will cover the following topics:
• The phased rollout of network slicing
• Slice management solution purpose and role
• Accelerating network monetization with network slicing management solutions
• Highlights / lessons-learned from early trials / PoCs
• Alignment with ONAP and other industry standards
Join me and understand how to get a slice of the 5G action

avatar for Alla Goldner

Alla Goldner

Director, Technology, Strategy & Standardization, Amdocs
Recognized by Light Reading as one of the industry’s best Female Tech Pioneers in 2018, by capacity Media as the “Best Women in Network Orchestration” in 2019 and with multiple patents to her name, Alla Goldner is the Chair of ONAP Use-Case Subcommittee. She also leads all ONAP... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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11:15am EDT

Lightning Talk: The Value of Running Containers on Bare-metal - Jonathan Gershater, Red Hat
When deploying containerized networking, you have the choice of deploying on bare-metal or on a virtualization layer. Let's discuss the pros and cons of both approaches. For both, uses case such as AI/ML and Edge Computing will be discussed. We'll also discuss how networking technologies such as SR-IOV, Multi-networks, PTP, Real-Time Kernel and High Performance Multicast can deliver better performance and flexibility on bare-metal. Finally, we'll share a brief cost analysis.

avatar for Jonathan Gershater

Jonathan Gershater

PMM, Red Hat
Jonathan Gershater has lived and worked in Silicon Valley since 1996. At Red Hat, Jonathan leads market analysis for Red Hat’s cloud, container and kubernetes solutions. Prior to Red Hat  Jonathan worked at Trend Micro, Sun Microsystems, Entrust Technologies and 3Com.At Red Hat... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 11:15am - 11:25am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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11:25am EDT

Lightning Talk: A New Role of the SIM Card as a Root-of-Trust for Low-end Edge Devices - Pavlo Repalo, Edge-Cloud Technologies
In December 2019 GSMA comes with a new spec: IoT-SAFE giving the role of secured key storage to the SIM cards. If we would assume that with 5G eSIM or iSIM will become a non-dividable part of Device Edge Gateways with all its OTA and RSP capabilities, let's see how we can use it as a Root-of-Trust and embed into EdgeX Foundry. On top of extra security for (D)TLS, we could manage secure boot for Edge Devices and sign payload data with a specific certificate(s) to make a digital proof of data origin.

avatar for Pavlo Repalo

Pavlo Repalo

Founder, Edge-Cloud Technologies
In telecommunications since 2004 working for Vendors and SCPs for 4G networks deployment. In 2013 turned to Clouds and Security. In 2019 started own firm focusing on Edge computing E2E solution integrations.

Tuesday September 29, 2020 11:25am - 11:35am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater

11:35am EDT

Lightning Talk: Telco Agile Orchestrator: Codeless as Well! - Kanagaraj Manickam, Huawei Technologies India
Take OpenStack HEAT, ONAP SO or any domain specific orchestrator mandates the orchestration template and plug-in mechanism very specific to that orchestrator and is difficult to colloborate between these orchestrators, which is very much required when automation needs actions to be carried out across domains and boundries. This is an common issue for any Telco operator. To solve these kind of issues, ONAP has introduced the Agile Orchestrator, which helps
1. Model the actions (YAML)
2. Model the execution in YAML (codeless) and any programming or scripting language
3. on-board and manage the actions
4. Execute and troubleshoot actions at run-time
5. Model the production environment (YAML) with multiple profile
6. Cross orchestration across multiple Orchestrators.

This session would introduce this concept and provides demo.

avatar for Kanagaraj Manickam

Kanagaraj Manickam

Lead Architect, Huawei Technologies India
Kanag is having expertise in NFV cloud &Orchestration domains, focusing mainly on LFNOVP for VNF testing & certifications and he hasestablished VNF Test platform (VTP) in ONAPVNFSDK for OVP and along with CVC team, hedemoed VNF compliance and validation testing inONS NA & EU 2019... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 11:35am - 11:45am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater

1:45pm EDT

Smart Security for Smart Homes in the 5G Era - Armin Wasicek, Avast
Technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) and 5G networks transform homes into digital living spaces. While the benefits of smart homes are many, today's home automation systems bear many security flaws and vulnerabilities which will become amplified through the scale of 5G networks.
Securing the smart home will require the integration of consumer security technology in the telecom edge cloud. According to the 5G virtualized access network architecture, home networks will be distributed between devices in the home and services in the telecom edge cloud.
An open operator platform on the edge represents a significant business opportunity to offer security services to smart home users.
These security services are aligned to the attack surface of smart homes and essentially analyze traffic for malicious indicators to respond to attacks on behalf of the user.
This talk discusses the required security services for smart homes and how they can be deployed in the edge cloud.

avatar for Armin Wasicek

Armin Wasicek

Research Manager, AI, Avast
Armin Wasicek is a Research Manager, AI at Avast working on smart home security and 5G. His interests include machine learning, security and the Internet-of-Things. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE. Armin holds PhD and MSc degrees from Technical University Vienna, Austria and he... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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3:15pm EDT

Small is Beautiful: Using ClickHouse Data Warehouse for Edge Analytics - Robert Hodges, Altinity LTD
With many edge applications now generating billions of measurements daily, it's important to have tools that offer enterprise-class analytics on constrained resources. ClickHouse is a popular open source data warehouse that runs anywhere Linux does. This talk starts with a short intro to ClickHouse features including near-real time SQL query response and aggregation. After touching on Intel and ARM support, we'll demonstrate ClickHouse cost-efficiency with a demo of a 500B row dataset running on Intel NUC. We'll next show how ClickHouse runs on Kubernetes using its own operator. Finally, we'll show how to roll all of these capabilities into an application design that offers quick local response and efficient aggregation at the edge combined with large-scale analytics on ClickHouse clusters running in the cloud.

avatar for Robert Hodges

Robert Hodges

CEO, Altinity
Robert Hodges has worked with database systems since 1983, including 20 different DBMS types ranging from pre-relational systems like M204 to MySQL to analytic databases like ClickHouse. He is currently CEO of Altinity.

Tuesday September 29, 2020 3:15pm - 3:45pm EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
Wednesday, September 30

10:30am EDT

Panel DIscussion: How LF Edge Powers the IoT Vertical Across the Stack - Thomas Nadeau, Red Hat; Malini Bhandaru, VMware; Daniel Lazaro, OSISoft; Jason Shepherd, ZEDEDA; Vikram Siwach, MobileedgeX
Edge is much more than just 5G enabling and supportive technology. It’s about enabling new applications and usage models to provide new services and benefits to clients and subscribers across the network. And it includes the traditional communications network but also the cloud and enterprise.

To help enable the transformation that the edge emergence is driving the community formed LF Edge, an umbrella project that hosts a wide range of open-sourced edge projects. These projects have collaborated over last year to enable the edge computing needs driven by privacy and latency needs of key market verticals. Fledge, EVE, Akraino plan to demo an industrial use case along with the white paper which details the reference architecture and blueprint details along with open sourced code for audience to learn and drive this community effort. This panel session will discuss contributions across key edge projects: Akraino, Baetyl, EdgeX Foundry, Fledge, Glossary, and HomeEdge. It will also talk about cross-project synergies. We will endeavor to allow time for audience questions and answers.

avatar for Thomas D. Nadeau

Thomas D. Nadeau

Technical Director, NFV, Red Hat
Tom is Technical Director for NFV at Red Hat where he leads a team of engineers focusing on the many areas of Open Source Networking including SDN, NFV, data plane acceleration, and container networking efforts. In addition, Tom leads the NFV Partner Engineering team which is focused... Read More →
avatar for Malini Bhandaru

Malini Bhandaru

Sr. Staff, VMware
Malini Bhandaru leads open source IoT efforts at VMware. Over the decades she has worked on a big data research platform for autonomous driving, open source cloud and software defined networking technologies, fast crypto, server power and performance, and IoT before it was called... Read More →
avatar for Jason Shepherd

Jason Shepherd

VP of Ecosystem, Zededa
Jason is the VP of Ecosystem at Zededa, LF Edge Governing Board member and one of the leaders of Project EVE.
avatar for Daniel Lazaro

Daniel Lazaro

Sr. Technology Manager, OSISoft
Daniel currently serves as a Senior Technical Program Manager at the CTO office at OSIsoft, focusing on technology, research and innovation projects related to IIoT, Open Source and Energy (Distributed Energy Resources).
avatar for Vikram Siwach

Vikram Siwach

Product Manager, MobiledgeX
Vikram is the Product Manager at MobiledgeX, one of the leaders of Akraino Edge Stack and Chair of the LF Edge Architecture Working Group.

Wednesday September 30, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater

11:15am EDT

Panel Discussion: Results of First Global Plugfest Sponsored by Open RAN Alliance (O-RAN) - Moderated by: Dhruv Gupta, AT&T; Haseeb Akhtar & Michela Bevilacqua, Ericsson; Ben Cheung, Nokia; Zach Lovell, CommScope & Tracy van Brakle, AT&T
Representatives from AT&T (Moderator), CommScope, Ericsson, and Nokia (in alphabetical order) will discuss results of the O-RAN Plugfest session that took place in North America within one of the of three Innovation Zones recently designated by the FCC. The Plugfest demonstrated LCM/FCAPS use cases developed by ONAP and OSC project teams in the context of an O-RAN framework. The use cases to be discussed include (1) Physical Network Function (PNF) Plug and Play, a 3GPP-aligned O1 interface use case that enables service providers to have the PNFs discovered by Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) via PNF registration handler; (2) Bulk Performance Management Data Collection, also a 3GPP-aligned O1 interface use case; (3) Basic O1 interface functionality for Configuration, Performance, and Fault Management of multi-vendor PNFs via a vendor-agnostic SMO; (4) basic network optimization (as intended by A1 interface) of PCI (Physical Cell ID) / RSI (Root Sequence Index). The panel will also provide an update of the next O-RAN Plugfest that will take place at the end of September 2020.

avatar for Tracy van Brakle

Tracy van Brakle

Tracy Van Brakle is a Principal Member of Technical Staff within AT&T's Access Architecture & Standards group. She is an active participant and contributor within several open source projects. Her current area of interest is integrating wireless PNFs with open platforms, e.g., ONAP... Read More →
avatar for Michela Bevilacqua

Michela Bevilacqua

Researcher, Ericsson
Technology Specialist in Ericsson AB. I´ve been working with modeling before in the transport then in the cloud domain for 20 years for Ericsson products. I´m involved in ETSI NFV internal contributions and review. I´m part of the ONAP modeling subcommittee.
avatar for Ben Cheung

Ben Cheung

ONAP Cloud RAN Architecture Systems Engineer, Nokia
avatar for Haseeb Akhtar

Haseeb Akhtar

Principal Solutions Consultant, Ericsson
Haseeb Akhtar is a Principal Solutions Consultant in Ericsson. Haseeb’s experience spans across various roles within telecommunications research and product development with a concentration on wireless and packet based networks, IETF, wireless and wireline protocols. Currently Haseeb... Read More →
avatar for Dhruv Gupta

Dhruv Gupta

Principle Member of Technical Staff - Network Analytics & Automation, AT&T Labs
Dhruv has 10+ years of experience with telecommunications industry, focusing on the areas of network analytics and automation. Currently, Dhruv is co-chair for O-RAN WG2, which focusses on developing open standards for O-RAN A1 interface and non-RT RIC platform.

Wednesday September 30, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
  Business Critical & Innovation
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1:45pm EDT

Panel Discussion: Living on the Edge to Meet Today's Demands - Balaji Ethirajulu, Ericsson; Malini Bhandaru, VMware; Roman Shaposhnik, Zededa; Tina Tsou, Arm
Edge devices are slated to exceed 20 billion this year. For IoT to succeed in these devices, the currently fragmented edge market needs to be able to work together to identify and protect against problematic security vulnerabilities and advance a common, constructive vision for the future of the industry.

The recently launched LF Edge is part of this solution. It is an umbrella organization to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system, will help ensure greater harmonization to accelerate deployment and bridge the gaps in the open source technologies to support the emerging Edge use cases.

In this panel, attendees will learn:
1. Edge use cases being addressed to satisfy the industry needs
2. Collaboration between the LF Edge Projects and scope of each project
3. How to engage and contribute to each project

avatar for Tina Tsou

Tina Tsou

Enterprise Architect, Arm; TSC Co-Chair, Akraino Edge Stack Project, Linux Foundation Edge, Arm
Tina Tsou is an innovator and a visionary with far-reaching accomplishments within the technical engineering realm. As Arm’s Enterprise Architect, Tina serves in the highly visible Technical Lead role for the Enterprise Open Source Enablement team, where she analyzes, designs, and... Read More →
avatar for Malini Bhandaru

Malini Bhandaru

Sr. Staff, VMware
Malini Bhandaru leads open source IoT efforts at VMware. Over the decades she has worked on a big data research platform for autonomous driving, open source cloud and software defined networking technologies, fast crypto, server power and performance, and IoT before it was called... Read More →
avatar for Roman Shaposhnik

Roman Shaposhnik

Founder, ZEDEDA Inc.
Roman is an open source software expert, currently serving on the board of directors for both The Apache Software Foundation and LF Edge. He is a co-founder and the vice president of product and strategy for Zededa, an edge virtualization startup. Throughout his career, Roman has... Read More →
avatar for Balaji Ethirajulu

Balaji Ethirajulu

Senior Director Product Management, Ericsson
Balaji Ethirajulu is a senior director of product management at Ericsson, driving technologies in the areas of open source, automation, orchestration, NFV, SDN, 5G, cloud-native, edge computing, networking, and IoT. He has more than 25 years of experience in product management, technology... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Business Critical & Innovation Theater
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