September 28-30, 2020
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Monday, September 28

10:30am EDT

100 MEC Deployment Trials Analysis in China Mobile - Hanyu Ding, China Mobile
Since announced 'Pioneer 300' in 2019 MWC Barcelona, China Mobile has done 100+ MEC deployment trials. Covered more than 8 different industries, these trials can give more instructions for scalable deployment. In this topic, Hanyu Ding will introduce these things as below:

1. Edge computing simple strategy, including CDN and NFV effects.
2. 100 MEC trials introduction:As MEC is called "Multi-access Edge computing", China Mobile has tried 5G SA, 5G NSA, 4G and Bras.
3. 100 MEC trials analysis: From architecture, integration, business model and other sides, analyze and give instruction for the future scalable deployment.
4. The challenge of MEC: In the future, edge computing and 5G SA will be the most important partner. We need to improve our cloud computing capability and create more opportunities for a different industry.

avatar for HanYu Ding

HanYu Ding

Senior Software Engineer, Arm
Hanyu Ding, Master's degree, is the project manager in China Mobile Research Institute. His undergraduate study was in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and got master’s degree from King's College London. His major work directions are ETSI MEC standard study,MEC... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Carriers Theater
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11:15am EDT

The O-RAN SC RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller): xApp API, and the Northbound - A1, O1 - and Southbound Protocols towards eNB/gNB: E2AP, E2SM - Thoralf Czichy, Nokia & Matti Hiltunen, AT&T
The O-RAN SC’s RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) is an open-source container-based implementation of the RIC concept and protocol specifications as standardized by the O-RAN alliance. Its second half-yearly release is almost ready and targeted for June 2020.

This presentation will focuses on the capabilities added in the second release after giving an overview of the RIC. This release includes (1) significant changes when adapting the base E2AP implementation from pre-specification assumptions to the first version approved by the O-RAN alliance, (2) supporting newly O-RAN specified E2 SMs (service models) like the NI (network interface) SM and KPIMON SM providing E2 nodes, like a gNB, a way to report interface messages & KPIs, and to change E2 node behaviour via NI policies, (3) changes in the API to be used by RIC xApps, (4) support for the O-RAN O1 management interface, and (5) support for the O-RAN A1 policy steering interface between the management system and the RIC.

avatar for Matti Hiltunen

Matti Hiltunen

Lead Inventive Scientist, AT&T
Matti has a 20 years experience in the telco industry as a researcher with focus on distributed and fault tolerant systems. He has been involved with the RIC project since its inception and has designed many of the RIC platform services. In O-RAN SC, Matti is the PTL for the RICAPP... Read More →
avatar for Thoralf Czichy

Thoralf Czichy

Technical Lead, Nokia
Thoralf is an expert in telco platforms, with over 20 years of experience in building complex real-time systems. Recently, he has been the key contributor in RIC architecture work and he is the PTL of the near-realtime RIC open-source project in O-RAN SC.

Monday September 28, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Carriers Theater
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2:00pm EDT

Enabling Autonomous Networks with ONAP - Lingli Deng, China Mobile
The combination of 5G and AI brings new challenges of deep integration of CT and IT.
Various types of intelligent network applications have emerged, in various network professional fields as well as network management fields. ITU, ETSI, and TMF have defined a series of application scenarios, classification standards and reference architectures. However, how to improve the overall intelligence of the end-to-end network in a corss-vendor scenario still remains open.
To this end, we provide a set of reference implementations for the application of the autonomous driving network hierarchical system in the intelligent energy management for both core and edge data centers. ONAP is used as a common infrastructure for cross-domain network intelligent application scenarios. With simple template design and configuration adjustment, ONAP can quickly adapt to different operators' requirements for different autonomy levels in specific application scenarios and achieve flexibility.

avatar for Lingli Deng

Lingli Deng

Technical Manager, China Mobile
Lingli obtained her Doctorate in Computer Application Technology from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and joined China Mobile in 2009. She is a core member of the Novonet project which drives SDN/NFV strategy for China Mobile, and has been working on evaluation... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT
Carriers Theater
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2:45pm EDT

Automating the Journey to Cloud Native Intelligent Networks - Denis Murphy, IBM Hybrid Cloud
To achieve radical efficiencies in network operations, we need to exploit the core principles of cloud-native network architectures.  A network cloud operations model is driven by a software-defined representation of services & resources at various layers –and the focus is on DevOps, continuous integration and automation. A network cloud operations model is also explicitly focused on avoiding reactive work –through capabilities such as auto-scaling, healing, closed-loop automations, change impact analysis, etc…IBM, with Red Hat, is enabling a unified, open platform to accommodate a diverse set of workloads including Core, Edge, Far Edge, and IT on any infrastructure based on disaggregation of the network stack to create a modular and layered architecture. This session will talk to how this is achieved through a declarative, software-defined paradigm –to define, deploy, and maintain a cloud-based network.

avatar for Denis Murphy

Denis Murphy

Offering Manager, IBM Hybrid Cloud

Monday September 28, 2020 2:45pm - 3:15pm EDT
Carriers Theater
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3:30pm EDT

Building and Managing VNF/ CNF Platforms to Support 5G at Scale - Gene Bagwell, Verizon
Verizon is deploying its 5G infrastructure as an all virtual service offering using the Verizon Cloud Platform (VCP), its private cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack and Kubernetes.

In this presentation, we will examine how Verizon is expanding and scaling its virtualization platforms to support its national rollout of 5G.

Examples will include tools, processes, and procedures needed to facilitate zero-touch deployment, discovery, and provisioning of the hardware and building a Services Based Architecture to support VRAN in tens of thousands of cell sites, and 5G core for hundreds of millions of POPs.

avatar for Gene Bagwell

Gene Bagwell

Associate Fellow, Verizon
Gene is an Associate Fellow in Verizon's Technology Architecture & Strategy Group. He serves as an in-house visionary and lead architect for the Verizon Cloud Platform. He works to promote the adoption of cloud-native approaches to virtualizing Verizon’s network infrastructure using... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 3:30pm - 4:00pm EDT
Carriers Theater
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Tuesday, September 29

10:30am EDT

Bringing Realtime Optimizations to Edge Deployments - Renu N. Navale & Prakash Kartha, Intel
Edge is enabling businesses to transform data into powerful insights to deliver business value, monetization, innovative use cases and services. It presents a huge opportunity for the industry, but also comes with a unique set of challenges and demands for KPIs.  The edge locations have diverse constraints and requirements, and hence require platforms that are capable of catering to location-specific needs, workloads and use cases – there is no one size fits all!  Intel is enabling the edge with a flexible and scalable architectural approach that brings consistency across deployments via a set of common and modular building blocks as well as easy to adopt or consume blueprints that support workload convergence and real-time optimizations.  In this session learn how Intel’s technologies and solutions for the edge can deliver highly optimized and performant technologies for edge infrastructures to support service innovation and delivery.

avatar for Prakash Kartha

Prakash Kartha

Segment Director, Intel
Prakash leads the Edge Services segment within the Network Platforms Group in Intel, where he and team are building critical technology solutions to accelerate the next wave of Edge Computing. Prakash brings years of experience driving IoT and cloud end-user applications to the Network... Read More →
avatar for Renu N. Navale

Renu N. Navale

Vice President, Data Platforms Group, General Manager, Edge Computing and Ecosystem Enabling Division, Intel

Tuesday September 29, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Carriers Theater
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11:15am EDT

ONAP and ORAN- Alliance – The Perfect Complement - Mathias Sintorn & Stephen Terril, Ericsson
The Open RAN alliance (ORAN) is defining a Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) functionality for RAN, as well as working with the opensource version of the non Realtime RAN Intelligent Controller. As a network automation platform, ONAP is setting the direction for network automation and management. ORAN can leverage the ONAP platform to realize the Service Management and Orchestration functionality. This presentation will go over the ORAN and ONAP architectures, dependencies and ongoing collaboration as well as further collaboration opportunities.

avatar for Stephen Terrill

Stephen Terrill

Senior Expert, Ericsson
Stephen Terrill is a Senior Expert in Automation and Management with Ericsson and with his more than 25 years of working in telecommunications he has overseen several industry transitions. He has a background both in core networks and in management and has spent several years in telecommunication... Read More →

Mathias Sintorn

Expert, Ericsson
Mathias Sintorn is an Expert in Traffic handling and Service characteristics with Ericsson and with his more than 20 years of working in telecommunications he has been active in several areas of the industry. With a core background in RAN development (L1-L3) and standardization, he... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Carriers Theater

1:45pm EDT

Panel Discussion: The Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT): From Zero to First Deliverable in 3 Months - Beth Cohen, Verizon; Gergely Csatari, Nokia; Marc Cohn, Spirent; Tom Van Pelt, GSMA & Scott Steinbrueck, AT&T
It has certainly been a wild ride, from the first meeting at ONS San Jose; not only has the CNTT struck a chord with the LF Networking community, but it shipped the Botrange release in September, Snezka in January, and Baldy in June. Telecoms are deploying Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to support critical business services.

However, the telecom community has struggled with too many custom solutions – just the opposite of the NFV promise. To address this gap, CNTT was created by a coalition of global companies to create models, architectures, and deployments to share with the larger community, with the goal of increasing interoperability, and simplifying infrastructure testing. After an introduction to the CNTT framework, we will discuss how the task force built so much in so little time. Starting from the organizational structure, the joint GSMA/OPNFV sponsorship, and details of the effort to build a common reference language and architecture.

avatar for Gergely Csatari

Gergely Csatari

Senior Open Source Specialist, Nokia
Gergely is working in the central part of Nokia-s OSPO and partially responsible for the outgoing contributions. He is a contributor for cloud infrastructure to Anuket, the OpenInfra ECG and the CNCF TUG communities. Speaker experiences cover several presentations in OpenStack and... Read More →
avatar for Beth Cohen

Beth Cohen

SDN Product Strategist, Verizon
In her role at Verizon, Beth develops Software Defined Network and Edge products by leveraging the Verizon global network. She has been responsible for the launch of several successful products including Secure Cloud Interconnect, which allows companies to connect to public cloud... Read More →
avatar for Scott Steinbrueck

Scott Steinbrueck

Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T
avatar for Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn

Head of Network Virtualization, Spirent
Marc Cohn is the Head of Virtualization at Spirent. In this capacity, Marc is responsible for qualifying new opportunities that leverage Spirent’s core competencies in the areas of SDN, NFV, and Network Automation. He is also active in the open standards/open source communities... Read More →
avatar for Tom Van Pelt

Tom Van Pelt

Technical Director, GSMA
Tom is a Technical Director within the GSMA, the trade organisation of Mobile Network operators and the organiser of the MWC and Mobile 360 events. In this position, Tom has been responsible for the developments around RCS Messaging, which as a successor to SMS and MMS, is bringing... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Carriers Theater
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2:30pm EDT

The Evolution of VNF/CNFI/NFVI Compliance & Verification: OVP 2.0 - Marc Price, MATRIXX & Trevor Lovett, AT&T Labs
The OPNFV Verification Program (OVP), which was kicked off in fall of 2018, is an open source, community-led compliance and verification program to demonstrate the readiness and availability of commercial NFV products and services, including NFVI and VNFs, using OPNFV and ONAP components.

Now entering its second phase, the program is shifting towards a focus on cloud native network functions (CNFs) as they become more pervasive alternatives to VMs. An established initiative, OVP has the infrastructure and governance already in place and is ready to move forward and explore what it means to be a cloud native NFVI and how to automate testing and compliance in this new space.

Coming off the heels of successfully demonstrating an end-to-end, global, 5G, cloud native network live on-stage at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, industry experts will include lessons learned from this demo as they discuss the next iteration of OVP.

avatar for Trevor Lovett

Trevor Lovett

Lead Member Of Technical Staff, AT&T Labs
avatar for Marc Price

Marc Price

As Global Chief Technology Officer, Marc Price accelerates MATRIXX Software’s worldwide growth through key software and solutions delivery initiatives. He works closely with the MATRIXX executive leadership, engineering and product management teams to drive industry-leading technology... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Carriers Theater

3:15pm EDT

Serverless in Akraino - Experiences with uMEC Project - Tapio Tallgren, Nokia

We had decided to use our Akraino uMEC project in Junction which is the biggest hackathon in Europe. Our concept was to use a scaled-down version of a smart city, with sensors and servers running in lightpoles. All servers were in the same k3s cluster and connected to the Internet.

We wanted to make it possible for developers to create applications that can run on the cluster, and do it in 48 hours or less! We also wanted to leverage ETSI MEC, kubernetes, REST interfaces, and microservice architecture.

After some brainstorming, we realized that serverless is the perfect solution! It supports the selected architecture while removing most of the boilerplate code that writing a normal Kubernetes application requires. After we selected OpenFAAS as our serverless platform, we also realized that we can use the OpenFAAS Cloud for user management.

This presentation details our journey to leveraging OpenFAAS and what we learned.

avatar for Tapio Tallgren

Tapio Tallgren

Technical Leader, Nokia
Tapio has a long history of representing Nokia in different open source projects and their technical steering committees. Currently he focuses on Akraino, where he has two projects and one committee to look after. Tapio has been giving several presentations in recent Open Networking... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 3:15pm - 3:45pm EDT
Carriers Theater
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Wednesday, September 30

10:30am EDT

Edge Computing for Connected Cars: Use Case, Requirement and Architecture - Toru Furusawa, Toyota Motor Corporation
As a basis for realizing various future automotive services such as intelligent driving and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), expectations for connected cars are increasing. In 2025, it is estimated that 100 million cars worldwide will be connected to the network, and 1 to 10 EB of data traffic will be generated between vehicles and the cloud per month, which will significantly increase the load on the network. Edge Computing is expected to be applied as one of the solutions to this problem, and various efforts are being made by both academia and industry.

In this presentation, we describe the use cases and requirements for connected cars that we expect to use Edge Computing. We also introduce the network and distributed computing architecture to realize Edge Computing for connected cars, and the state and future prospects of PoC development using open source softeare such as Kubernetes.

avatar for Toru Furusawa

Toru Furusawa

Senior Researcher, Toyota Motor Corporation
Toru Furusawa is a Senior Researcher at Toyota, working on future end-to-end architecture for connected vehicles. He is also an active member of the AECC (Automotive Edge Computing Consortium), defining use cases and requirements for automotive edge computing.Before joining Toyota... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Carriers Theater
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11:15am EDT

5G MEC Open Source Platform and Practice Demo - Chuanyu Chen, Huawei
In this presentation, Chuanyu will introduce an open-source platform for 5G MEC aiming at providing an end-to-end solution for Enterprise applications, i.e., industrial park, Cloud VR, Video Streaming/Orchestration, etc.

This platform contains the ETSI standards defined MEP and a simple MEC manager for Enterprise. It also contains plenty of tools for developers, such as application porting, function optimization, deployment optimization, simulation of arm instructions over x86, etc.

By generally considering the needs of the telco-edge industry, this 5G open-source platform will also provide a variety of capabilities for applications and allow customizations. In this way, developers are more likely to deliver their applications faster and let providers build their own ecosystem.

avatar for Chuanyu Chen

Chuanyu Chen

Senior Architect, Huawei

Wednesday September 30, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Carriers Theater
  Carriers - Core / Edge / Access
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1:45pm EDT

Birds of a Feather: CNCF Telecom User Group - Dan Kohn, Cloud Native Computing Foundation & Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Cooperative
CNCF hosts the Telecom User Group (TUG) for service providers and their vendors to discuss the adoption of cloud native technologies. This birds-of-a-feather (BoF) session will provide a place for discussing telcos progress in moving towards using cloud native technologies and principles for running telecom applications and platforms built on Kubernetes. Topics of discussion can include tools for testing and deployments, CNF Conformance, Whitepapers, cross group collaboration and Cloud Native Networking principles.

avatar for Taylor Carpenter

Taylor Carpenter

CNF WG Co-Chair, Vulk Coop
Partner at Vulk Cooperative - http://vulk.coop | Lead on CNCF CNF Testbed, Telecom User Group and CNF Conformance initiatives. OpenSource advocate, using Linux since 1994 with the 1.0 release and gnu tools on other unix systems before that. OpsDev geek. Elixir and Ruby programmer... Read More →
avatar for Dan Kohn

Dan Kohn

General Manager, Linux Foundation Public Health, Linux Foundation
Dan leads Linux Foundation Public Health, a new initiative to use open source software to help public health authorities combat COVID-19 and serves as VP, Strategic Programs for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Carriers Theater

2:30pm EDT

Leveraging Open Source for Realization of Network Service and Slice Orchestration in the Indigenous End-to-end 5G Test Bed - Swaminathan Seetharaman, Wipro Limited
An indigenous end-to-end 5G test bed sponsored by the Government of India is being developed by a number of leading academic institutions (Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Science), R&D centers and several industry partners. The test bed’s objectives are to promote indigenous R&D, foster research and innovation, and be a real-world ‘lab’ for academia, industries and start-ups. So, it is essential that the components are developed indigenously or open source is leveraged to provide a level playing ground for everyone. For the orchestration layer, ONAP open source was chosen as the base platform, upon which functional and non-functional enhancements are being implemented to realize various 5G use cases. ONAP’s architecture, components and open interfaces enable customizations and generic enhancements to realize new use cases, thus fulfilling the test bed’s objectives. This presentation covers the journey so far, best practices and lessons learnt, and the road ahead.

avatar for Swaminathan Seetharaman

Swaminathan Seetharaman

DMTS-Distinguished Member, Wipro Limited
21+ years of experience in Telecom R&D. Currently a DMTS-Distinguished Member at Wipro, leading Wipro's ONAP open source contributions and initiatives starting from Casablanca release, currently co-leading the 5G OOF SON and Network Slicing use cases. Driving Orchestration related... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
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