September 28-30, 2020
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Monday, September 28

10:30am EDT

Distributed Cloud for Telco Networks and Edge - Bill Lambertson, IBM
Now, more than ever, Telecommunications providers want the ability to develop, deploy and manage 5G Network Services and Edge Applications in any cloud environment —on premises, on any cloud, and at the edge - in an open cloud-native based architecture. But when you need to do this across a hybrid multi-cloud environment you can run into difficulties due to interoperability constraints, fragmented visibility, inconsistent security and compliance, and operational complexity.

This session will discuss how IBM Cloud Satellite -a "distributed cloud" built on Red Hat open technologies and supported by an extensive partner ecosystem- can solve these problems with a fully managed container-first cloud solution for Telco Networks and Edge; delivered as-a-service from the IBM Public Cloud and deployed anywhere you need them —on premises, on any cloud, and at the edge -giving you and your teams more time to focus on the innovative work that will drive better outcomes for your business.

avatar for Bill Lambertson

Bill Lambertson

Global Director for Cloud, 5G Network and Edge Computing, IBM
Bill is an IBM Industry Academy Member, Certified Executive Consultant, and currently the Global Director, Cloud Industry Solutions for IBM’s Telecommunications Industry. In this role, Bill provides Cloud industry expertise and leadership to Communications Service Providers (CSPs... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

10:40am EDT

Lightning Talk: Cloud Native Test Platform - CNTP - Kanagaraj Manickam & Kalyankumar Asangi, Huawei Technologies India
In Telco industry migration, Network function(NF) is evolving as VNF & CNF i.e, software from hardware form. And it is important to test these functions delivered in different software forms before using in different Operator environments. So the need for a test platform is a must.

CNCF Kubernetes is evolving as the de-facto orchestrator for any domain and provides customer resource definition (CRD) to embed application orchestration along with infra orchestration.
By addressing various features provided by the VNF Test Platform as a native CRD controller in Kubernetes, which becomes a de-facto orchestrator for the test domain. So Telco vendors & operators can on-board various test cases developed in different software forms along with CNF and VNF to test, certify and benchmark NF(s).

avatar for Kanagaraj Manickam

Kanagaraj Manickam

Lead Architect, Huawei Technologies India
Kanag is having expertise in NFV cloud &Orchestration domains, focusing mainly on LFNOVP for VNF testing & certifications and he hasestablished VNF Test platform (VTP) in ONAPVNFSDK for OVP and along with CVC team, hedemoed VNF compliance and validation testing inONS NA & EU 2019... Read More →
avatar for Kalyankumar Asangi

Kalyankumar Asangi

Director Engineering, Huawei Technologies India

Monday September 28, 2020 10:40am - 10:50am EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

11:15am EDT

Panel Discussion: How Akraino is Used - Tina Tsou, Arm; Shah Rahman, Facebook; Changming Bai, Alibaba; Hechun Zhang, Bytedance; Paul Carver, Pure Storage; Aaron Williams, The Linux Foundation
How is Akraino used? Who uses it?

In this panel, we will share the end user stories and opinions on how Akraino is used in 5G, the AI Edge, Connected Vehicle, mixed reality AR/VR, and Private LTE/5G.

Some of the end user stories can be found at https://wiki.akraino.org/display/AK/End+User+Stories.

Facebook works on private LTE/5G with Magma integrated in ICN blueprint.

Mazin Gilbert said. "AT&T is using the REC blueprint in the 5G Production Innovation Zone trials."

Tencent has been deploying Tars on Connected Vehicle Blueprint and validating on IEC Type 4: AR/VR oriented Edge Stack for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family. In Tencent buildings in Shenzhen, ELIOT AIoT in Smart Office Blueprint has been deployed.

Baidu has deployed School/Education Video Security Monitoring blueprint. It has been deployed in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou(Zhejiang Province), and many other cities in China.


Paul Carver

Pure Storage

Hechun Zhang

Solution Architect, Bytedance
Hechun Zhang is a seasoned MEC and 5G Solution Architect in Baidu, with impressive 9 years experience in ICT industry. Project Manager of ODCC Edge Computing Group.
avatar for Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams

Developer Advocate, LF Edge
Aaron is the developer advocate and community manager for LF Edge, which means that his "customers" are developers, project managers, tech writers, and the other community members that build projects under the LF Edge umbrella.  In addition he is always encouraging new community... Read More →

Changming Bai

Edge Computing Technology Experts,Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba
Currently he is responsible for the technical architecture of edge computing,open source and standardization work in Alibaba Cloud.He have 10 years of experience in Telecom industry and Cloud computing technology research and development.He was engaged in the research and standardization... Read More →
avatar for Shah Rahman

Shah Rahman

Engineering Lead, Facebook Connectivity
Shah is the Engineering Lead at Facebook Connectivity, where he manages the Cellular Technology team to bring more people online by enabling operators and service providers with open, flexible and extensible carrier-grade cellular systems. His team is developing the distributed packet... Read More →
avatar for Tina Tsou

Tina Tsou

Enterprise Architect, Arm; TSC Co-Chair, Akraino Edge Stack Project, Linux Foundation Edge, Arm
Tina Tsou is an innovator and a visionary with far-reaching accomplishments within the technical engineering realm. As Arm’s Enterprise Architect, Tina serves in the highly visible Technical Lead role for the Enterprise Open Source Enablement team, where she analyzes, designs, and... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

2:00pm EDT

Multi-Cluster Federation: Should Networking Impact The Solution? - Anil Kumar Vishnoi & Thomas D. Nadeau, Red Hat
Federation in software is a broad and complex problem. Kubernetes is facing this as it’s next challenge which is specifically to provide a solution to the federation of multiple clusters at a high scale and level of networking performance. We have found that this is easier said than done as this space has a wide range of variation including size, data, networking, deployment logistics, etc.

We outline this problem statement from a networking perspective. We do this first and foremost because we have found that how networking is implemented in a k8s cluster to be a critical aspect of any large scale deployment. Furthermore, we will discuss some available solutions in federation (e.g Istio, KubeFed), and explore how the design of these solutions is impacted by various network connectivity models, and the design patterns emerging out of these solutions catering to various networking requirements. Finally, we touch on performance impacts.

avatar for Anil Vishnoi

Anil Vishnoi

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Anil has been doing research, design and development of software networking products for more than 15 years at RedHat and his prior employers. Most of his career he has been working in Software Defined Networks, Data Center Networking, Network Virtualization and Cloud Networking domain... Read More →
avatar for Thomas D. Nadeau

Thomas D. Nadeau

Technical Director, NFV, Red Hat
Tom is Technical Director for NFV at Red Hat where he leads a team of engineers focusing on the many areas of Open Source Networking including SDN, NFV, data plane acceleration, and container networking efforts. In addition, Tom leads the NFV Partner Engineering team which is focused... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater
  Cloud Networking & Edge
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2:45pm EDT

Smart Cities in the Cloud: Edge Computing and Kubernetes - Peter MacKinnon, Red Hat & Sujit Biswas, NVIDIA
Cities around the world are looking to technology to help provide smarter, more efficient solutions to traffic-flow monitoring and transportation management. NVIDIA and Red Hat have collaborated on an innovative approach to these challenges that leverages edge IoT software and hardware with the hybrid cloud capabilities of Kubernetes.

The Metropolis application framework takes sensor data and processes it in real time to provide insights for traffic congestion, pedestrian flow, and infrastructure maintenance. Kubernetes provides the scalable cloud-native platform that hosts the analytics services of Metropolis which receives metadata in real-time from the video data captured at the edge, and delivers traffic flow insights to end users. Come join us for this profile of a cutting-edge smart city technology solution.

avatar for Sujit Biswas

Sujit Biswas

Principal Engineer, NVIDIA
Sujit Biswas is a Principal Engineer and Data Scientist at NVIDIA. He has expertise in the architecture & design of large-scale distributed systems, IoT, and cross-platform services. His background includes data science, deep learning, neural networks, object-oriented and functional... Read More →
avatar for Peter MacKinnon

Peter MacKinnon

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat Inc.
Pete MacKinnon is a Principal Software Engineer in the AI Center of Excellence at Red Hat. He is actively involved in the Kubeflow and Open Data Hub open source projects. He works closely with Red Hat customers and partners to successfully bring their machine learning and analytics... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 2:45pm - 3:15pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

3:30pm EDT

Load Balancing 101 in Kubernetes - Christopher Luciano & Srinivas Brahmaroutu, IBM
Load balancing is a widely used term to describe distributing network traffic across multiple endpoints. However, it behaves differently in different contexts. This talk will reveal the essence of various kinds of load balancing mechanisms in Kubernetes, and demonstrate how to implement a customized L4 Ingress controller.

Here is an agenda:

• Service level load balancing
• What does externalTrafficPolicy mean? Is it topology aware?
• What is the difference of IPTables mode and IPVS mode? And how efficiency differs underneath?
• L7 Ingress load balancing
• How current L7 (http/https) workloads are distributed?
• How is the API Ingress relates with underlying Service endpoints? And how a nginx/envoy ingress controller plays in it?
• L4 Ingress load balancing
• What is a Kubernetes LoadBalancer and how it relates to IaaS NLB?
• How can I build a customized extension to ensure LoadBalancer shared like a L4 Ingress?

avatar for Christopher Luciano

Christopher Luciano

Advisory Software Engineer, IBM
Christopher M Luciano is an advisory software developer for IBM’s Digital Business Group, where he works on Kubernetes, Istio, and Envoy. Previously, Christopher was the lead on the Watson container runtime squad. He is a frequent speaker about Istio and Kubernetes and has recently... Read More →
avatar for Srinivas Brahmaroutu

Srinivas Brahmaroutu

Sr. Software Engineer, IBM
Srinivas Brahmaroutu works as a Software Engineer at IBM Corp. He has many years of experience around IBM cloud offerings. He has worked on many strategic open source projects including Cloud Foundry, Docker and Mesos. Currently he works on Kubernetes contributing to test-infra and... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 3:30pm - 4:00pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater
  Cloud Networking & Edge
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Tuesday, September 29

10:30am EDT

Securing a Network Virtualized with Containers and Kubernetes: Example Solutions and Current Gaps - Samuli Kuusela, Ericsson & Amy Zwarico, AT&T
Virtualization is evolving to containerized workloads orchestrated by Kubernetes because of simpler deployment and management than with virtual machines. However, there are concerns that containers are not as secure as virtual machines, and that Kubernetes orchestration can introduce additional risks.

These concerns, both real and perceived, will be described by the speakers, with specific concentration on the risk to the security of the container isolation model. The heart of the talk is a presentation of joint efforts by CNTT and ONAP to define practical security architectures, controls and tests for NFVi with Kubernetes that addresses the realities of such deployments, such as ensuring isolation among cloud native network functions (CNF) with differing operating system privilege requirements. Finally, the speakers present both hardware and software isolation solutions for sandboxing less trusted Edge workloads.

avatar for Amy Zwarico

Amy Zwarico

Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T
Amy Zwarico is a Lead Member of Technical staff in AT&T’s Chief Security office, specializing in software and open source security. She has been actively involved ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) security since the Amsterdam release, and is currently serving as vice chair... Read More →
avatar for Samuli Kuusela

Samuli Kuusela

Security Architect, Ericsson
Samuli Kuusela is a Security Architect in Ericsson’s Chief Technology Office, focusing on getting security right in the Ericsson portfolio, especially in the context of new technologies like cloud-native and Kubernetes. He has been active in ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater
  Cloud Networking & Edge
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11:15am EDT

Panel Discussion: ONAP and Cloud Native – The Best of the Two Worlds - Catherine Lefevre, AT&T; Alla Goldner, Amdocs; Srinivasa Addepalli, Intel; Ranny Haiby, Samsung; Timo Perala, Nokia; Fernando (Fred) Oliveira, Verizon, & Seshu Kumar, Huawei
The Cloud-native computing is transforming the way we are thinking about developing, deploying and managing applications in networking industry (5G, MEC, etc.).

What is the role of ONAP in new Cloud-native computing world?

ONAP acts as central network-service orchestrator addressing life cycle management of network function based services. ONAP deploys and manages VNF and PNF workloads across multiple sites today and will evolve to manage future services that will include additional CNF components.

As the Industry moves to the Cloud Native, the purpose of this panel is to share how we can bring together the best of the two worlds, ONAP and Cloud Native, by identifying central orchestrator role, ONAP applicability, gaps and to define the path forward.

avatar for Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fellow, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, Verizon
Fernando (Fred) Oliveira is a Fellow in Verizon’s Network Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, currently working on Network Automation Architecture.Fred leads the ONAP Orchestration Scenarios/ETSI Alignment Task Force and participates in several ONAP sub-committees.Fred... Read More →
avatar for Seshu Kumar

Seshu Kumar

Lead Architect, Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Seshu is a Lead Architect in Huawei Technologies and TSC member of ONAP and XGvela open source projects.Hands-on technical Architect with multi-tasking capabilities with a strong track record on defining architecture and solutions for technical research and commercial projects involving... Read More →
avatar for Timo Perala

Timo Perala

Head of Open Source Network and Service Automation, Nokia
Timo is responsible for driving Nokia’s overall engagement in ONAP. In this role Timo works across multiple industry organisations, both open source and standardization, engages with both customers and other industry players, as well as internally across all Nokia businesses.Timo... Read More →
avatar for Srinivasa Addepalli

Srinivasa Addepalli

Sr. Principal Engineer, Intel
Srini Addepalli is a Sr. Principal Engineer in the Intel Software group. He is one of the principal architects of networking, security & Edge technologies for the Network Function Virtualization/Containerization (NFV/NFC) and Software Defined Networks (SDN). Srini previously served... Read More →
avatar for Alla Goldner

Alla Goldner

Director, Technology, Strategy & Standardization, Amdocs
Recognized by Light Reading as one of the industry’s best Female Tech Pioneers in 2018, by capacity Media as the “Best Women in Network Orchestration” in 2019 and with multiple patents to her name, Alla Goldner is the Chair of ONAP Use-Case Subcommittee. She also leads all ONAP... Read More →
avatar for Catherine Lefevre

Catherine Lefevre

AVP Network Cloud and SDN Platform Integration, AT&T
Catherine Lefèvre is an Associate Vice President in AT&T’s Network Cloud and SDN Platform Integration organization (AT&T Labs) and have worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. She joined AT&T in 2013 and is responsible for the software delivery and scaling... Read More →
avatar for Ranny Haiby

Ranny Haiby

Director, Open Source Group, Samsung
Ranny leads a group of engineers who are actively participating in various open source communities . A key part of his role is providing leadership and guidance to many engineers across Samsung who are actively contributing to open source projects such as The Linux Foundation Networking... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

1:45pm EDT

Cloud Federation in IoT & Edge Applications - Charif Mahmoudi, Siemens Corporate Technology & Robert Bohn, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Internet of Things (IoT) architectures are usually backed by Cloud platform that provides storage, analytics, and control capabilities for the devices. Large-scale IoT solution requires advanced interoperability features due to heterogeneity of cloud services. Cloud federation paradigm offers a huge potential to ease the deployment and reduce the cost. Aspect such as resources broker, common access API, and management can untangle IoT architecture from the current convoluted design that, eventually, hit the wall of maintainability and scalability.
Join Dr. Robert Bohn, Cloud Program Manager at NIST, and Dr. Charif Mahmoudi, Software Architect at Siemens, to learn about:
•Concepts behind the NIST Cloud Federation Computing Reference Architecture (CFRA).
•Challenges related to interoperability and portability of data among cloud IoT platforms.
•Opportunities enabled by Cloud federation to enhance IoT architectures.
•Use-cases built on top of the federation management fabric.


Robert Bohn

NIST Cloud Computing Program Manager, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Dr. Bohn serves as Program Manager for the NIST Cloud Computing Program. In this role, he manages and coordinates the goals and strategy of the program. Through collaborations with industrial, academic and other government stakeholders, NIST published the US Government Cloud Computing... Read More →
avatar for Charif Mahmoudi

Charif Mahmoudi

Software Architect for Intelligent Systems, Siemens Corporate Technology
Dr. Charif Mahmoudi received the MSc and PhD degrees in computer engineering from the University of Paris-EST (France) in 2009 and 2014, respectively. After His PostDoc at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, he joined Siemens Corporate Technology as an IoT Software... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater
  Cloud Networking & Edge
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2:30pm EDT

OPNFV Functest and Xtesting in Orange's RFP - Cédric Ollivier & Eric Debeau, Orange
Network virtualization has dramatically modified our architectures which requires more automation and powerful testing tools. Orange is now leading the code contributions in OPNFV through Functest, a collection of state of the art virtual infrastructure test suites including automatic VNF testing and Xtesting, a simple framework to accelerate the adoption of CI/CD best practices.

They have been used internally both to consolidate our end-to-end networking testing strategy and to help our skill transformation.Xtesting and Functest are now respectively mentioned in our RFP to smoothly integrate all third-party test cases in our chains and to deeply verify the interfaces between the infrastructure and the VNFs.

This presentation will also emphasize that this 2 tools are currently promoted by CNTT which should generalize this strategy to other main Operators.

avatar for Cédric Ollivier

Cédric Ollivier

Network Automation Expert, Orange
Cédric Ollivier is a network automation expert in Orange. He is involved in new network architectures around network programmability, global orchestration and network disaggregation.He also acts as a network automation evangelist within Orange and he is very involved in the network... Read More →
avatar for Eric Debeau

Eric Debeau

Head of Network Automation, Orange
Eric Debeau has a solid 20 years experience in the telecommunications area with a particular focus on IT techniques adoption in networks and OSS domains. Through his broad experience as network architect and platform development (IMS/VoIP, network API), he is recognized as a member... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

3:15pm EDT

Service Mesh: To-do & What-not-to-do - Don Jayakody, Big Switch Networks
Have you ever wondered how service mesh is going to help you solve your production problems? Or have you ever curious to know how packets are getting forwarded & what exactly are the value additions service meshes are bringing into the table? Or have you ever had trouble picking the right service mesh from many options out there in the market today?

When it comes to networking inside Kubernetes, selecting the correct networking solutions, including picking up the right service mesh technology, maybe one of the most important decisions you might face. In this presentation, I’ll go over the basic mesh use cases, including giving an overview of different service mesh options available on the market today. Then I will dig into the packet-level details of how network flows are getting augmented inside the service meshes. I’ll also cover what decisions you have to make to stay on top of the world of different service meshes, including what-to-do & most importantly, what-not-to-do.

avatar for Don Jayakody

Don Jayakody

Product Management & Technical Marketing, Arista Networks
Don Jayakody is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Arista Networks. Don has more than 14 years of experience in Networking Industry. His experience in the networking industry varies from access provider networks, storage area networks to network orchestration systems. He is... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 3:15pm - 3:45pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater
Wednesday, September 30

10:30am EDT

How (and Why) Yelp Built a "Smart" HTTP Ingress Proxy - Chris Kuehl, Yelp
With the adoption of microservices, organizations face a challenge: how to implement shared behaviors across services written in different languages, running on different hosts, without sacrificing performance or developer velocity?

Solutions such as sharing code lead to bloated services and restricting what language a service can be written in. They also make it hard to roll out upgrades: a change to a shared library might require updating dozens of services.

At Yelp, we built a "smart" HTTP proxy on top of OpenResty, nginx, and Lua which lets us move complexity into the infrastructure itself. It now fronts all traffic at Yelp, parsing, shaping, and routing requests. It has enabled us to have smaller and more efficient services.

This talk will cover why Yelp favors "smarts in the infrastructure" and the creation of a routing service. It will also discuss why we chose to build on top of an open source proxy, and how it enabled us to launch a critical service within just a few weeks.

avatar for Chris Kuehl

Chris Kuehl

Software Engineer, Yelp
Chris Kuehl works as a software engineer at Yelp, where he makes engineering more efficient through infrastructure. He has collaborated on a number of open-source projects, including PaaSTA, Yelp's platform-as-a-service, and dumb-init, a minimal init system for Docker containers... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

11:15am EDT

Injecting Security to the Cloud - Susan Hinrichs, Verizon Media
In the last few years, Yahoo applications have been moving from Yahoo-only data centers to a hybrid cloud model of corporate data centers and public cloud resources. Once Yahoo was acquired by Verizon, the need to coordinate between Yahoo and Verizon data centers was added to the mix. Moving from a simple single data center model to a multi-origination model required the applications to move from a simple minded authentication model that relied to a large degree on knowledge of corporate IP addresses. In addition application communication between data-center entities required strong encryption when crossing the Internet. Verizon Media leveraged two open source products to securely enable this hybrid cloud migration: Athenz for authentication and authorization, and Apache Traffic Server for consistent policy enforcement and communication encryption. In this presentation Susan will describe how these open source technologies were used and highlight the challenges encountered.

avatar for Susan Hinrichs

Susan Hinrichs

Distinguished Software Engineer, Verizon Media
Susan Hinrichs is computer engineer who specializes in networking, security, and system development. She is a committer on the Apache Traffic Server project.For the past six years Susan has lead efforts with the Edge team at Yahoo and now Verizon Media. Before that Susan has worked... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater
  Cloud Networking & Edge
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1:45pm EDT

Panel Discussion: I for One, Welcome our New Cloud Native Overlords: A Discussion of Cloud Native Thinking for Telecommunications Chapter 1 - Tameka Reed, Women In Linux; Jeffrey Saelens, Charter Communications; Frederick Kautz, doc.ai; W. Watson, Vulk Co
In order to help everyone understand the state of the cloud native literature in development, this panel will distill the many drivers of the cloud native movement from the operators and open source cloud native infrastructure developer point of view. There are many papers in development that describe cloud native technologies with respect to cloud native network functions including the CNCF TUG white paper, CNTT literature and the Cloud Native Principles papers just to name a few of them. The audience will walk away with an understanding of the current cloud native literature centering around the CNCF Telco User Group.

avatar for W. Watson

W. Watson

Principal Developer, Vulk Cooperative
W. Watson has been professionally developing software for 25 years. He has spent the numerous years studying game theory and other business expertise in pursuit of the perfect organizational structure for software co-operatives. He also founded the Austin Software Cooperatives meetup... Read More →
avatar for Jeffrey Saelens

Jeffrey Saelens

Principal Engineer & Architect, Charter Communications
Jeffrey Saelens is a Principal Architect in Charter Communications’ Office of the CTO. Starting his career in the US Army, Jeffrey was a Green Beret who focused on communications and systems engineering. After leaving the military, he dove into the service provider world heavily... Read More →
avatar for Tameika Reed

Tameika Reed

Founder, Women In Linux
Tameika Reed Founder of Women In Linux. Since its launch, Tameika leads initiatives with focus on exploring careers in Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, DevSecOps and IOT, pivoting into leadership and continuous skill building. As a self-taught System Administrator, Tameika believes... Read More →
avatar for Frederick Kautz

Frederick Kautz

Head of Edge Infrastructure, Doc.AI
* Head of Edge Infrastructure and Federated Learning at Doc.ai* NSM Co-Creator and Committer* X-Factor CNF Methodology author & Organizer (CNF Best Practices)* CNCF TUG, OVP and CNTT contributor* Open Network Intelligence Creator (AI on Networking Dataplane)* Founding member of Container... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater

2:30pm EDT

CI-CT-CD, Devops Loop for the Future Telco Cloud - Fu Qiao, China Mobile
One of the original intentions of NFV is to decrease the TTM of Telco. As most of the Telco Operators are moving their network to the cloud, they are also keen to transform their service launching process in order to fit into the new cloud. In this talk, we would like to share the DevOps loop China Mobile has built from Vendors labs to China Mobile’s Integration Lab and to the NFV commercial Cloud located in Guangdong Province. Such a loop, which we called as CI-CT-CD (Continuous Integration-continuous Testing – Continuous Delivery), provides the capability for Telco Operators to quickly and continuously test the up-to-date software innovation and deliver it to the cloud for customer use. With the help of such a loop, we are capable of testing a new NFVi software update in 30hours and deliver it to the commercial cloud in one day. In this talk, we would like to share the experience and lessons learned for such a new approach. We would also like to announce our plan for contributing to OPNFV 2.0.

avatar for Fu Qiao

Fu Qiao

Technical Lead, China Mobile

Wednesday September 30, 2020 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Cloud Networking & Edge Theater
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