September 28-30, 2020
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Monday, September 28

10:30am EDT

Design and Deployment in Edge Computing: A Case Study - Matteo Di Pirro & Nicola La Gloria, Kynetics LLC
IoT has been spreading like wildfire: millions of small devices have been gathering an increasing amount of data to be computed to centralized data centers. Until now. That amount of data has become so massive to push networks to the limit.

Edge computing aims to solve this issue by processing the data close to where it is produced. This distributes data centers, moving them to the edge of the network and creating clusters of embedded devices. However, it also opens up to a number of novel issues: How do devices transmit data and commands? How do clusters interact with wider systems and users? To what extent can Docker containers be employed to speed up deployments?

In this talk, we will analyze those challenges w.r.t a real-world cluster of ARM computers. We'll look at the applicability of messaging protocols to send both data and commands within the cluster, how to implement the need of asynchronicity and how Docker containers can simplify deployments on top of a core embedded OS.

avatar for Nicola La Gloria

Nicola La Gloria

CEO, Kynetics LLC
Co­-founder and CEO of Kynetics, an Embedded Software full stack development company. He works primarily on IoT architectures, embracing both embedded and backend development. 
Nicola led the development of the OS and app store for one of the first Android smart watches and he... Read More →
avatar for Matteo Di Pirro

Matteo Di Pirro

Software Engineer, Kynetics LLC
Fascinated by computer science since his childhood, Matteo is an enthusiastic young software engineer who specialized in the theory of programming languages and type safety. Since the first time he learned about type systems, he has been applying them to craft safe- and secure-by-construction... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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11:15am EDT

Unpacking the Complexity of IoT Deployments - Mirko Graebel, Cisco
Many IoT networks are geographically dispersed, complex and consist of hundreds of thousands of components. For an IoT initiative to be successful, the deployment and management of connected devices must be simplified.

The typical solution is automation, but it’s not enough to cut and paste, and deploy text-based device configurations. So, how do we make this entire process easier?

This session introduces a new way of thinking about Industrial IoT, empowering network operators to program network devices themselves.

We’ll explain how to create a singular intent-based network architecture for a consistent end-to-end experience and one set of security policies. You’ll also leave with:

Enhanced knowledge of how to simplify, scale and secure an IoT deployment
An understanding of how to improve operational efficiencies and uncover new business opportunities within your Industrial IoT
Ideas on gaining deeper visibility into your IoT network’s assets, anomalies and network security

avatar for Mirko Graebel

Mirko Graebel

Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, Cisco IoT
Mirko Graebel is the Senior Manager, Technical Marketing for Cisco IoT. In this role, he works with third parties to extend Cisco’s capabilities with partners to build an open ecosystem. Mirko joined Cisco in 2008 and since then has held a number of senior technical roles including... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater

2:00pm EDT

Case Study: Lessons Learned from Deploying a 2,000+ In-vehicle IoT Platform - RJ Mahadev, Cisco
Learn how fleet-based businesses can enable more effective operational processes & enhance user experience by using IoT technologies as a foundation.

Today’s gateways are a fully fledged on-board IoT platform with secure, enterprise class routing, edge compute and different flavors of cloud-based & on-premises management options. First responder units (e.g. emergency services) and transportation agencies are now deploying these gateways to extend their enterprise networks to their distributed assets and integrate 2-way data flows with enterprise applications.

This session explores the lessons learned from deploying a 2,000+ in-vehicle IoT platform. It covers:

- Understanding the technology selection trade-offs between cybersecurity, types of modems and total cost of operations
- Reviewing best practices to ensure a smooth implementation.
- How best to provision & manage the in-vehicle IoT platform

avatar for RJ Mahadev

RJ Mahadev

Head of Remote and Mobile Assets, Cisco
RJ Mahadev leads Cisco’s Managed IoT Gateway business. His focus is on aligning remote and mobile use cases with IoT solutions and developing leading practices for architecting, designing and integrating these platforms. RJ has spent much of his professional life starting up new... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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3:30pm EDT

Building the Android for the IoT Edge - Roman Shaposhnik & Jason Shepherd, ZEDEDA
When deploying applications at the edge, containers are all the rage and Kubernetes is making its way out of the cloud data center but the IoT edge requires additional considerations in areas such as security and scalability. Characterized by assets such as factory floors, oil rigs, wind turbines and vehicles, the IoT edge involves an inherently heterogenous mix of technologies and domain knowledge and we need to tame the complexity by enabling a variety of deployment models in a more open and standardized way.

Part of LF Edge, Project EVE aims to do for the IoT edge what Android did for mobile by creating an open computing engine that simplifies the development, orchestration and security of both legacy and cloud-native applications on distributed edge hardware. Supporting containers, VMs and unikernels, EVE provides a flexible foundation for IoT edge computing deployments with choice of hardware, application and cloud.

This session will highlight the key challenges of edge computing, the unique requirements of the IoT edge and why EVE is critical for IoT scale by serving as an open, standardized edge computing engine. We will host a brief demo and talk to what’s next, including integrating EVE with Kubernetes to extend the benefits from the data center to the IoT edge.

avatar for Jason Shepherd

Jason Shepherd

VP Ecosystem, ZEDEDA, Inc.
Jason Shepherd is VP of Ecosystem at edge orchestration company ZEDEDA. Prior to joining ZEDEDA, Jason was CTO for the Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions Division. His proven track record as a thought leader in the market is evidenced through his leadership building up the award-winning... Read More →
avatar for Roman Shaposhnik

Roman Shaposhnik

Founder, ZEDEDA Inc.
Roman is an open source software expert, currently serving on the board of directors for both The Apache Software Foundation and LF Edge. He is a co-founder and the vice president of product and strategy for Zededa, an edge virtualization startup. Throughout his career, Roman has... Read More →

Monday September 28, 2020 3:30pm - 4:00pm EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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Tuesday, September 29

10:30am EDT

Edge Lab: Open Reference Architecture (RPis and More!) - Rob Hirschfeld, RackN
The Edge Lab is an open reference architecture that accelerates collaboration by providing a proven, repeatable and portal automation stack for edge infrastructure. The lab is modular and vendor neutral so that components can be changed out easily.

This presentation shows the initial design: 4 RPis installing K3s in a self-contained PXE cluster. The small four system physical cluster explores how a real bare metal cluster would operate in an edge environment. Session will build a real working cluster from nothing.

Once installed, the Edge Lab enable fast resets of the environment via automation and maintains ongoing operations for the system via APIs. The cluster demo goes from completely fresh RPi through a complete system life cycle including installing K3s to demonstrate a usable Edge environment.

avatar for Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld

CEO, RackN
Rob is on the LFEdge board and has been in the edge, cloud and infrastructure space for 20 years and has done everything from working with early ESX betas to serving four terms on the OpenStack Foundation Board and as an executive at Dell. He's also the co-host of the L8istSh9y.com... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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11:15am EDT

Introducing Project DENT: Linux Networking at the Edge - Roopa Prabhu, Cumulus Networks & Aviad Raveh, Mellanox Technologies
Over the past decade Open networking and Linux networking have been well accepted and the new normal in enterprise and cloud data centers. Recently announced project DENT provides a platform to bring Open Linux Networking to campus and edge networking ecosystem players. DENT strives to build an Open Network Operating system based on Linux standard networking switchdev hardware acceleration model. This will enable networking hardware vendors to leverage the same benefits that all Linux hardware do today: Open Linux firmware management, platform driver infrastructure, Linux networking protocols, tools and ecosystem. With DENT, every switch is basically a Linux server with multiple data-plane ports. In edge deployments where rack space is critical, native Linux networking architecture can optimize, unify and simplify the infrastructure. In this talk the speakers will cover DENT architecture, Edge use case running DENT and demonstrate a cloud edge application running on the Linux switch.

avatar for Aviad Raveh

Aviad Raveh

VP, BD technology, Mellanox Technologies
Aviad is the VP, BD technology, responsible of driving the Ethernet switch business development. Aviad collaborates with the biggest T1 and T2 cloud and web companies in the US and China. Until recently, he led the Ethernet switch software architecture and was responsible for building... Read More →
avatar for Roopa Prabhu

Roopa Prabhu

Chief Linux Architect, Cumulus Networks
Roopa Prabhu is Chief Linux Architect at Cumulus Networks. At Cumulus she and her team work on all things kernel networking and Linux system infrastructure areas. She loves working at Cumulus and with the Linux kernel networking and debian communities. Her past experience includes... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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1:45pm EDT

Managing Kubernetes Edge Fleets Prone to Network Fault Tolerance - Mark Abrams, Rancher Labs
Kubernetes is everywhere, but is it really up to the challenge of edge computing? Mark will very briefly cover the "what is" of container orchestration as a foundation to this broader presentation about edge use cases using lightweight Kubernetes. Mark will demonstrate that not only is container orchestration bringing application development improvements to edge computing but in particular, Kubernetes provides an elegant solution for simplifying some of the most challenging issues at the edge. One of the common issues for edge sites is the loss of, or temporary absence of, external network connectivity. This presentation will feature a demonstration of edge fleet management process when the fleet entities are prone to network faults.

avatar for Mark Abrams

Mark Abrams

Field Engineer - Edge Specialist, SUSE
Mark Abrams is a Field Engineer - Edge Specialist with SUSE. Mark joined SUSE as a part of the Rancher Labs acquisition in January of 2021. In addition to working with customers and prospects to help them develop their Kubernetes edge solutions, Mark is currently a part of the Edge... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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2:30pm EDT

Coupling Brownfield VNF Deployments with CNFs - Sebastian Scheele, Loodse & Youssef Azrak, Kubermatic
In a world of legacy Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), many enterprises want to transform into cloud native organizations and go towards Cloud native Network Functions (CNFs). They feel constrained by their legacy applications and on-premise deployments. Because Kubernetes works the same across clouds and on-premise and can run VMs and containers side by side, it enables enterprises to gradually transition brownfield applications into cloud native deployments. This talk demonstrates how to leverage KubeVirt to run CNFs as containers and VNFs in Virtual Machines together on the same infrastructure. This talk will be very practical and pull from real-world-scenarios. We will be doing a live demo and connect two network functions on the opposite side of the globe, using the orchestration of Kubernetes.

avatar for Youssef Azrak

Youssef Azrak

Software Engineer, Kubermatic
Youssef Azrak is a Software Engineer @Kubermatic where he contributes to the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform project with focus on the networking aspect. Before joining Kubermatic and working on Kubernetes, he was working in the Network Security field where he played a lot with Cisco... Read More →
avatar for Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele

CEO, Kubermatic
Sebastian Scheele is the CEO and co-founder of Kubermatic. Kubermatic is an enterprise software platform company that enables enterprises and service providers to deliver automated multi-cloud operations. Kubermatic Kubermatic, an enterprise Kubernetes management platform,  automates... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater

3:15pm EDT

A Microservices Approach to Edge Computing Platform Architecture - Neal Oliver & Sindhura Gaddam, Intel
Cloud-native architecture has been a critical component in the success of the cloud. It has made scalability possible; it has spawned a rich ecosystem of hardware and software ingredients that feed upon and contribute to its success. For edge computing to follow this pattern, attributes in addition to scalability must be solved for, including proper selection of edge nodes by location, hardware/application affinity, and capacity. The Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) open-source toolkit is based on a microservices architecture; it provides a collection of microservices that support the new “edge-native” requirements. The OpenNESS microservices approach supports both the development of new edge computing platforms and the enhancement of existing edge computing platforms with new functionality. This presentation describes the architecture and the microservices provided in the toolkit.

avatar for Sindhura Gaddam

Sindhura Gaddam

Software Systems Engineer, Intel
Sindhura is a Software Systems Engineer in the Network Platforms Group at Intel, focusing on edge computing and the ecosystem enablement at edge. Sindhura works with several ecosystem partners to onboard their applications onto Intel Architecture and scale/accelerate the adoption... Read More →

Neal Oliver

Principal Engineer, Intel
Neal Oliver is a Principal Engineer in the Network Platforms Group at Intel, currently focusing on edge computing technologies and LTE and 5G networks. He works with commercial/government partners and customers to apply edge computing, acceleration, and network virtualization technologies... Read More →

Tuesday September 29, 2020 3:15pm - 3:45pm EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
Wednesday, September 30

10:30am EDT

Securing Micro-services with a Service Mesh In the Real World - Michael Farinacci, VMware
There's a lot of hype around Service Mesh technologies, and it's becoming difficult to separate the hype from reality. Michael Farinacci will discuss workload identities, why it's important in a modern Enterprise network, and how a service mesh can provide adequate security with some challenges along the way. Michael was instrumental in evaluating open source service mesh options while at WeWork, and the eventual production deployment and management of Istio. He will detail the entire process, problems and all, to help the audience better understand what it means to deploy a service mesh in a real company production deployment at scale.

avatar for Michael Farinacci

Michael Farinacci

Staff Software Engineer, VMware
Michael Farinacci is a software engineer at VMware working on the NSX Service Mesh. He has worked at other high-growth companies, mostly small startups such as Viptela (acquired by Cisco), Aporeto (acquired by Palo Alto Networks), and Wework. He has spoken at numerous Meetup events... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater

11:15am EDT

Simplifying Edge Computing Operations with SaaS Management - Madhura Maskasky, Platform9 & Naveen Byreddy, Mavenir
IT/Ops have historically managed a limited set of data centers (e.g., their own, cloud providers’, etc.), and they have managed a large number of end-user devices (mobile phones, etc.). Edge computing combines these requirements into a uniquely new problem — managing the scale of many (dozens, hundreds, many thousands) of strange pseudo-data centers that need to be managed with low or no touch (usually with no staff and little access).

Given the large scale, traditional data center management processes won’t apply; especially given that these edge sites may have limited technical staff or skills. This means that the simplicity of operations and automation will be critical.

To add to this, the rise of containers means that edge management involves managing not only virtual machines; but also containers.

In this talk, we present the operational challenges of traditional data-center management architectures and propose a new approach for edge compute management: SaaS management.

avatar for Naveen Byreddy

Naveen Byreddy

VP, Platform Engineering, Mavenir
avatar for Madhura Maskasky

Madhura Maskasky

Co-founder, VP Product & Design, Platform9
Madhura is co-founder and VP product at Platform9. Having experienced industry shifts across virtualization, IaaS and containerization; Madhura believes that harnessing open-source is critical to the future of edge and hybrid cloud environments.At Platform9, Madhura has overseen the... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 11:15am - 11:45am EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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1:45pm EDT

Architectural Patterns and Practices to Minimize Provider Lock-ins with Serverless! - Murali Kaundinya
Enterprises need an architecture strategy that would preserve portability and avoid lock-ins with serverless. While containerization and poly-cloud strategies preserve options, the compelling value proposition of Serverless architectures for some workloads necessitate careful thought to portability standards. Enterprises have to carefully evaluate lambda architectures and invest in the creation of their own standards, patterns and best practices to ensure that they don't prematurely suffer from provider lock-ins. Interestingly enough, serverless and lambda architectures are not exclusive to the cloud and enterprises are not at the mercy of cloud providers alone. Serverless can be fully managed on on-prem platforms and adapted to hybrid and public cloud dynamically. In this talk, Murali with take a deep technical look at the serverless architecture and identify patterns and practices that would preserve the portability from on-prem models to hybrid, public and poly cloud models.

avatar for Murali Kaundinya

Murali Kaundinya

CTO, Individual
Murali Kaundinya is a professional strategist and an inquisitive innovator with a deep passion for large scale transformation in corporations and society. Murali has extensive leadership and management consulting experience and has served in leadership roles conceiving, executing... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 1:45pm - 2:15pm EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
  Enterprise Networking & Edge
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2:30pm EDT

Your Path to Edge Computing! Akraino Edge Stack - Kandan Kathirvel, AT&T & Tina Tsou, Arm
The Akraino community was proud to announce the availability of its release 2 in January 2020. The community has experienced extremely rapid growth over the past year, in terms of both membership and community activity.

Akraino R2 includes 6 blueprint families and 14 blueprints, all tested and validated on real hardware labs supported by users and community members. This release enhances the edge stacks delivered in R1 for cross-disciplinary edge use cases as well as new edge stacks to support connected vehicles, AR/VR, NFV, Telco Access, integration with SDN solutions and project promotions to maturity, with rigorous community standards

An Akraino Blueprint is not just a diagram; it’s a real code that brings everything together to address a specific edge use case. In this talk, we will share details about

1. A deep dive into R2 blueprints and R3 community goals.
2. How to engage and contribute to the Akraino Community
4. Demo of selective Blueprints

avatar for Tina Tsou

Tina Tsou

Enterprise Architect, Arm; TSC Co-Chair, Akraino Edge Stack Project, Linux Foundation Edge, Arm
Tina Tsou is an innovator and a visionary with far-reaching accomplishments within the technical engineering realm. As Arm’s Enterprise Architect, Tina serves in the highly visible Technical Lead role for the Enterprise Open Source Enablement team, where she analyzes, designs, and... Read More →
avatar for Kandan Kathirvel

Kandan Kathirvel

Director, AT&T
Kandan is the Director at AT&T Labs and he leads the innovations of 5G and Edge Computing. In addition, he serves as a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Chair at Akraino Edge Stack and Technical Advisory Council (TAC) at Linux Foundation. Kandan served on the OpenStack board of directors... Read More →

Wednesday September 30, 2020 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Enterprise Networking & Edge Theater
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